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Commissioning Specialist

GE Renewable Energy
Since June 2015

Comissionning Engineer

INP Schweiz
September 2013 to May 2015
  • Since February 2014 - Engineering and commissioning of diesel generator sets (Emergency power supply)
    - Establishing genset controller program with PLC (ABB AC500 series/Codesys) and HMI interface (Proface and ABB CP400 series)
    - Schematic drawings (E3 Software)
    On site:
    - System I/O control
    - System parameters adjustment
    - System communication control (Ethernet, Modbus, analog inputs & outputs)
    - HMI display control: Alarms, sequence of events, modes, breakers control...
    - Diesel first tests, control of fuel supply operations
    - Genset real tests (Synchronisation with grid, parallel operations, island operations)
    - Control of emergency power supply operations (Loss of grid voltage).
  • September 2013 to January 2014
    - Commissioned combined units (excitation system and frequency inverter for gas turbine generator)

Field Service Specialist

September 2007 to August 2013
  • Commissioned excitation systems, analog and digital voltage regulators for synchronous machines (mostly in power generation field):
    - Adjusted system parameters.
    - Controlled I/O.
    - Set and adjusted annex programs (touch screen, PLC, protective relay...).
    - Set and adjusted controller’s PID loop.
    - Performed no load tests.
    - Performed load tests.
    - Made troubleshooting and maintenance.
    - Trained staff on site (French, English and German).
    - Worldwide area: Power plants, marine vessels, oil platforms, industrial process.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Customer support
  • Product training on customer's facilities (French, English and German)
  • Field area : Power plants, ships, oil platforms, industrial process...
  • Since 2013 : trainer at office (French/English/German).
    Gives technical courses about basics of
    - Synchronous machines
    - Power electronics
    Gives hands-on courses about most of Basler digital devices.


  • PROFACE:GP Pro EX: ability of navigation, settings modification, display modification - HMI: AGP series
  • SIEMENS Simatic software: ability of navigation, logic and settings modification - PLC: ET-200 and S7-300
  • ABB Control Builder software with Codesys: ability of navigation, logic and settings modification - PLC: AC500
  • CP400 Soft: ability of navigation, settings modifications, display modification - HMI: CP400 series
  • SIEMENS T400 Controller (voltage regulation)
  • CodeSys
  • Commissioning, Troubleshooting & reporting (EN/FR)
  • Staff training, customer support (EN/DE)
  • Synchronous generators, excitation systems, parallel operations between machines
  • Excitation system & voltage regulation
  • Low voltage switschgear (ABB MNS, AC&DC)
  • Electrical protection & settings
  • French: mother tongue
  • English: conversational and working knowledge
  • German: conversational and working knowledge


BTS Electrotechnique (Higher National Diploma)

Louis Couffignal high school - STRASBOURG
September 2002 to June 2004

2 years of electrical and automation courses.
6 weeks internship by Masterfoods company - Steinbourg .
2 months internship by Basler Electric Company : design and achievement of an electrical system for this diploma.

Baccalauréat STI (A Level)

Louis Marchal high school - MOLSHEIM
September 2000 to June 2002

2 years electrical and automation courses.